Texans for Education, Health & Safety is a statewide coalition of agencies, organizations, and individuals seeking to create healthier and safer communities throughout the state of Texas. We believe it is important to follow effective, evidence based strategies that result in the environmental changes necessary for young people to make healthy choices. As raising alcohol excise taxes is one of the most effective evidence based strategies for reducing alcohol use among young people as well as among the risky drinkers who cause the most harm in our communities, we support the advancement of this strategy and work to educate others on the impact it would have on our great state. We encourage all agencies, organizations and individuals who are committed to the well being of our youth and the safety of our communities to sign on to our Resolution in support of raising alcohol excise taxes.

“A substantial body of research has shown that higher prices or taxes on alcoholic beverages are associated with lower levels of alcohol consumption and alcohol-related problems, especially in young people.” – National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism